A small back yard or balcony in a block with little or no sun does not mean you cannot have a garden to enjoy. Clever planting can block out much of a city skyline, and there are lots of plants that like to flower in the shade. You can grow lettuces and strawberries on every balcony, and thyme and rosemary in every window box. Every space, no matter how small, can become a garden.

Our service
From the basic design and planting, to the routine maintenance, we specialize in helping you turn your stadstuintje into a green oasis in the middle of the busy city. Lamps, lanterns and mirrors give the illusion of space. Nest boxes and feeders attract the birds while the sound of water running into a tiny pond, ringed by ferns, helps shut out the sound of cars and trams. And if you have young children, we can build sandpits, swings and climbing frames in the smallest of spaces. They can have their own garden within a garden too. After all, you can grow enough potatoes for a family meal in a plant pot.

We use organic gardening methods where-ever possible. That means using organic seeds and plants and natural pest control, and even setting up a compost bin, if you want to recycle your household waste.

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